Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Novel Study Unit

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This novel study for Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, by Judy Blume, contains 106 pages of resources, including comprehension and vocabulary by section, reading response activities, assessments, and more.

Focus standards include figurative language, cause and effect, character analysis, point of view, and plot.

No-prep, predictable, and extremely user-friendly, this literature guide is perfect for whole class, small group, or independent study. 

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1) Student Chapter Work
•Every section covers 1-2 chapters and contains the following six parts.
→Quickwrite-Encourages freewriting and relates the text to the student.
→Vocabulary-introduces 3 new words for every section.
→True/False, Multiple Choice, and/or Sequencing questions.
→Standards Focus Activity.
Comprehension and Analysis-3 written response questions.
→Beyond-a creative activity that might include art, brainstorming, or writing.

2) 23 Common Core-aligned Reading Response Activities 
•Reading Highlights
•Comic Strip
•Cause and Effect
•Character Traits
•Figurative Language
•Write about the Character
•Dear Diary
•One Event: Three Points of View
•My Most Important Day
•Mystery Thoughts
•My Book Cover
•Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
•Character Responses
•Character Analysis Wheel
•Character Interactions
•Compare and Contrast: Characters
•Theme Thoughts
•Figurative Language Find
Reading Strategy: Predictions
Reading Strategy: Preview Walk
Word Predictions
My Book Review

3) Vocabulary Focus
•Two Vocabulary Reviews
•Practice with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, context clues
•Vocabulary Lists that come with and without definitions
•Three challenge words chosen for you from every section
•Vocabulary Word Wall cards in full color
•Vocabulary Flashcards in b/w 

4) Culminating Project Options
•10 creative project choices for students to complete after they finish the book

5) Assessments
•Comprehension Test #1-Chapters 1 to 8
•Comprehension Test #2-Chapters 9 to 15
Final Vocabulary Test covers all words

6) Student Bookmarks
•Serve as reference tools
•Highlight plot, setting, characters
•Attractive art 

7) Easy planning and Low Prep
•Unit Map lays it all out for you
•Table of Contents for easy navigation
•Common Core Codes included for all activities
Student Packet Covers
All Answer Keys

8) Figurative Language Anchor Poster
•Complements included figurative language activities
•Great for direct instruction and for display

9) Instructions for digital Google Drive Version

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing: Tests, Quizzes, Assessments

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