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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Novel Study MEGA Pack

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This novel study for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, by J.K. Rowling, contains 201 pages of resources, including comprehension and vocabulary by chapter, reading response activities, assessments, and more.

No Prep Needed
→Print and Go!
→Easy instructions for Digital use!

Focuses include Setting, Figurative Language, and Character Analysis. Students will write, re-read, analyze, work in teams, draw, seek evidence, and practice many more priceless skills through the activities provided.

Perfect for whole class, small group, or independent study.

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♥You're free to use the printable OR digital version; BOTH are included with your purchase!

♥Excellent for school or homeschool. No-prep and so easy for teachers, parents, and students to follow!

♥Perfect for digital learning. Students can access the digital version from home or school. Teachers and students can easily send this back and forth using Google Drive or Google Classroom! (The minimum that's needed is a free Google account. However, you may also contact me for help using this product on many other digital learning platforms!)

♥Eye-catching digital version contains full-color, interactive adaptations of all resources.

** NEW ** An additional version of the assessments is now included as Google Forms, which are self-grading. Students can complete these easily on their computers and laptops, and you get instant data! Easy instructions included. (Note: You will need to manually grade the written response questions only.)

1) Student Chapter Work
•Every section covers 1 chapter and contains the following four parts.
→Quickwrite-Encourages freewriting and relates the text to the student.
→Vocabulary-introduces 3 new words for every section.
→True/False, Multiple Choice, or Sequencing questions.
Comprehension and Analysis-3 written response questions.

2) Three Anchor Posters
•Provide guidance and visual for complementing activities
•All come in color and b/w versions
→Figurative Language
→Character Analysis

3) Setting Activities
•Setting: The Five Senses-Knockturn Alley
•Setting: The Five Senses-In a Flying Car
•Settings and Emotions
•Setting Activity: Ron's Room
•Setting Activity: Knockturn Alley
•Setting Activity: Diagon Alley
•Setting Activity: In a Flying Car
•Setting Activity: Snape's Office
•Harry's Room at the Dursley House
•Harry in the Flying Car
•Setting Snapshot

4) Figurative Language Activities
•Figurative Language
•Potter Personification
•Figurative Language Find
•Write about the Character 

5) Character Analysis Activities
•Character Traits
•Character Interactions
•Character Responses
•You vs. Character
•Round or Flat?
•Round Character Analysis: Harry
•Round Character Analysis: Hermione
•Round Character Analysis: Dobby

 6) Three Assessments, each one containing
•Comprehension multiple choice
•Comprehension short answer
•Focus standard short answer
•Assessments provided in 3 versions: printables, Google Slides, AND Google Forms!

7) Additional Resources for every set of chapters
•Solve the Riddle (focus on comprehension)
•Dictionary Detective (focus on vocabulary and dictionary practice)
•Learning Log (focus on comprehension and analysis)

8) Vocabulary Focus
•Three challenge words chosen per chapter for a total of 54 words
•Lists come with and without definitions
•Vocabulary Word Wall Cards showing word, part of speech, definition, and illustration
Vocabulary Flashcards in black and white

9) Culminating Project Choices
•10 creative project options for students to complete after reading the book
•Provides an additional way to assess

10) Student Bookmarks
•Two-sided bookmarks contain art and memorable quotes
•Reference tool for students
•Comes in color and b/w

11) Easy Planning and Low Prep
•Tables of Contents for easy navigation
•Teacher instructions and tips
•Student Packet Covers 

12) Instructions for digital Google Slides Version

13) Instructions for digital Google Forms Tests

For smaller components out of this novel study, click below.
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets | Comprehension & Vocabulary
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets | Activities
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets | Tests


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets | Google Forms Edition - Easy, automatic, and completely paperless! This option includes 9-14 comprehension and vocabulary questions for every chapter and is hosted on Google Forms for easy grading. This special edition is not included in any of the above listings, and is only available for separate purchase.

What You'll Receive: Upon purchasing, you will download a zip file. Within the zip file, you will find multiple PDFs. One PDF is the printable version. The other PDF(s) contain instructions for how to access the digital version(s). To clarify, you will not receive a physical book or packet. (Applies to paid products only.)

Digital Version Info: For the digital version(s), you will need Internet access and a free Google account, OR Google Classroom. Digital versions will work on computers or iPads. (To use Google Slides versions on an iPad without Google Classroom, simply have your students download the Google Slides app, available for free on iTunes.) Within your downloaded zip file, you will see explicit, easy-to-follow instructions that will get you started in minutes! Students will be highly engaged and freshly invigorated as they type, draw, and diagram directly into the file on their computers or tablets. They can easily share their work with you as they go, all without the hassle of paper, pencil, and copies. (Applies to paid products only.)

Terms of Use: This product is not editable. Redistributing, editing, selling, or posting this item on the Internet are all strictly prohibited. Purchasing this product obtains one license, which allows it to be used in one classroom only. (Applies to both free and paid products.)

Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this resource, refunds or exchanges cannot be issued. Thank you for carefully reading the description and viewing the preview before your purchase.