Chocolate Fever: Complete Novel Study Unit


This 92 page book study for Chocolate Fever, by Robert Kimmel Smith, contains comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more!

You will find this literature guide to be teacher and student friendly. It contains a wide variety of question types, along with open-ended graphic organizers and unique activities, all carefully crafted for this particular story.

Focus standards include cause and effect, character analysis, theme, plot, opinion writing, and more.

This complete book unit requires very little preparation on your part. Included is a unit map that lays everything out for you. Perfect for whole class, small group, or independent study!

♥BONUS digital version included, which works with Google Drive and contains eye-catching color versions of all resources.

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1) Chapter Packet
•Each section covers three chapters and contains the following 6 parts.
→Quickwrite: Warms up student brains before reading.
→1 set of True/False, Sequencing, and/or Multiple Choice questions.
→Standards Focus: an activity focused on Reading Literature standards.
→Comprehension and Analysis: 4 short answer questions.
→Vocabulary: Practice with 4 new words for each section of reading.
→Beyond: Creative activity that might include art, brainstorming, or writing.

2) 16 Reading Response Activities
•Questions Multi-Flow Map
•Theme Thoughts
•It’s Raining Chocolate (Focus on Theme)
•Comic Strip
•Main Events
•Causes and Effects
•Character Cards
•You vs. Character
•What Would I Do?
•Dear Diary…
•Reading Strategy: Predictions
•Chocolate Fever Educational Poster
•Solve the Riddle
•Learning Logs: Versions 1, 2, and 3
•Chocolate Fever Journal: Freewriting
•Would You Rather…?

3) Culminating Project Choices
9 project choices for students to complete after they finish the novel
•Includes grading sheet

4) Complete Vocabulary List
Organized by chapter and page number
•Comes with and without definitions
•Four words chosen for every 3 chapters

5) Vocabulary Review Packet
Includes practice with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and context clues

6) Vocabulary Word Wall Cards
Full color with illustration
•Each card has illustration, part of speech, and definition
•Use for display, direct instruction, and vocabulary practice

7) Vocabulary Flash cards
•Contains words on the front and definitions on the back
•B/W printables

8) Student Bookmarks
•Use as references for plot, characters, and setting
•Attractive, full-color art

9) Student Packet Covers
•One each for chapter packet, vocabulary packet, and activity packet, and assessment packet

10) Easy planning
•Unit map tells you when to use what
•Table of Contents
•Teacher instructions

11) Assessments
•Test on comprehension and vocabulary
•Variety of question types
•Assessment #1: Chapters 1-6
•Assessment #2: Chapters 7-12

12) Answer keys

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