Children's Lit Catalog

In this fast-paced world of everything digital and screen-related, I love seeing children get excited about stories. I love watching imaginations come to life, understandings deepen, and empathies awakened…all through the use of quality children’s literature.

Perhaps you have this same desire for your own students or children, but you feel overwhelmed with where to start. What book is suitable for my students’ age group? Will the book bring up sensitive topics? What will be most appealing to my students? Does it relate to other things we’re studying? Will it help me teach certain skills? Which books have accompanying movies, and are the movies appropriate?

Here in my Children’s Literature Catalog, you will find tons of helpful content related to all of the books listed. It is my hope that you can use this guide to help you wisely, quickly, and easily choose books for your own curriculum.

Please feel free to peruse my catalog, and I am always open to questions and suggestions that you send my way!